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I have loved making photographs since my early teens.  I became very serious with photography in the middle of my college years when after first exploring photo journalism as a career, I found instead that my passion was with fine art.  After a wonderful first exhibition however, I put my energy into woodworking, which ultimately became a career long endeavor.  My photography of those early years left a lasting impression with me in many ways.  As one example, I recently published a book of a very special documentary project I completed in my 20's.  Well into my later years I became interested again in seriously exploring photography.  It is now a true and honest passion of mine, and I am thankful for it.

I shoot both film and digital in medium and small formats, and currently I am making digital pigment prints.  My days in the darkroom may not be completely in the past, however.  Time will tell what is next.  Beyond my current work, I have other projects and ideas to look forward to in the coming years.

I have always enjoyed making images of my environment, whether it is during my everyday urban encounters or while exploring the great outdoors of the West.  Most recently I have listened more carefully to my intuition and inner voice while quietly alone in the woods and other outdoor places.  My imagery made in those places where I find exceptional peace and experience great wonder has become more about my life's mysteries and puzzles than the places I visit.  While my goal is to satisfy my own artistic curiosity, I am exceptionally pleased when others eavesdrop on my introspective conversations but find their own personal interpretation of the images I have made.

Ken Hochfeld

Contemplative Photography
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